Jewelry & Accessories

These pieces of jewelry, created by Dalia Pascal, have a common trademark that repeats itself in everything she designs, the search for harmony, for originality, for what is perfectly and imperfectly beautiful, for something that is not based only in fashion trends, but something that becomes a part of the person that is wearing it.
Dalia fuses the perfection of Silver and Semiprecious stones, to the meticulous work performed by Mexican Handcrafters with the sole purpose of giving an impulse and continuity to millenary techniques used to create real works of art, that at the time that they become reinvented, they develop into a stunning and appealing piece of jewelry.

After giving her first steps in Jewelry Design, Dalia realizes that creativity can flow not only in one area, but in many, starting to experiment with different items and materials, especially in the accessories area.
Her goal was not to make more of the same, but to create something completely different than everything you could find in the stores, getting the originality to flow again. Her work is characterized by being mostly unique pieces, because of the handmade aspect and elaboration techniques, always standing out the quality of the craftsmanship and wearability. Most of the materials used by her are embroidered textiles considered as unique pieces, due to the fact that most of them are produced by artisans, so it is very difficult to find an identical design among her pieces.