Dalia Pascal, Biography

Born in Uruguay, she arrives to Mexico as a teenager.
She adopts the influence of the places that saw her grow up: the effect of the antique objects at her birthplace, the sea and nature that surrounded her, and the colors and textures’ explosion at the place that took her in its arms as its own daughter.
With a creating passion devouring her, she studies to be a Graphic Designer at the Universidad del Nuevo Mundo, which serves her as a guide to keep on experimenting in different areas, always aiming to create new things.
A few years ago, her attention deviated to the study of jewelry and gemology, which captivated her since childhood,as her passion for fashion did too. As a woman, and as a designer, she noticed there was a need of dressing up a woman's ego with color, with tactile sensations, of loving a piece of jewelry to enjoy it, and that's how her designs were born.
The use of stones, materials, precious metals and antique pieces, mostly strung by herself, create a very special combination, with a main priority...to feel a piece of jewelry, to show it off, and for it to show off its owner.
Silver is her favorite material, because it represents the glow of Mexican handcrafts and because of the versatility of its uses. Her latest collections represent a tribute to the local artisans’ work, adapting them to her designs and creating this way a piece of art to be worn either as a jewel or a versatile accessory, stimulating this way the work and millenary techniques used for their creation, in Mexico as well as in Latin America, creating a new style in which she combines the native work with the new trends in the fashion world.
Dalia’s work has been highly accepted by the Mexicans and by people from all over the world.
Her goal was to attract the attention of the tourists that arrived to our country looking for something special, different, but as time went by; Mexicans have been buying her designs for their personal use, especially because of its special Ethnic Chic touch that characterizes it, and the exclusive halo that surrounds it.
Over the last years, the brand has been positioning itself around the world, thanks to the many awards that have been given to her and the international press publications, which allows us nowadays to find her products in several boutiques in Latin America, USA, Europe and Australia